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Hi! I'm Rosanna Stevens 

I am obsessed with food, style and changing the things in your life you aren’t happy with. In 2020 I quit my job and created Rosanna ETC to share my passions and inspire others to make every day an event with delicious recipes, new experiences and world adventures. 


Because it's all about living your best life.

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My 2020 / 2021 journey

Born in leafy Surrey in England, I studied music and then worked for over 10 years in events and the non-profit world before realising I wasn't happy. I liked my job and everything was great on paper but internally I was frustrated with my life and wanted to change.


I wanted to build something for myself using my passions, my personality and my creativity.

I now run this blog and my social media channels and write for food, travel and lifestyle publications globally. I changed my environment too, working remotely as a digital nomad in Istanbul, California and Belize seeking out new experiences and flavours.  Next on my list...Mexico! 

At Rosanna ETC you will find my greatest passion, food, along with my story and my travels around the world. I am a self-taught cook, and my recipes are created at home or picked up abroad. I make food that you can enjoy with friends and family that looks fancy but isn't fussy. I make food an event.

With every dish I make, I think about how it will taste and how it will look on the plate. Food was a huge part of my life growing up and cooking the dish itself was just a part of the experience. Styling the plate, laying the table, picking flowers and creating a tablescape that visually sings to you as you sit down is something I love doing, I even wrote an ebook Stop the Scroll, a guide to Food Styling and Photography. 

My blog is a love letter to living your best life and making every day an event. You will find quick and easy meals, delicious snacks, sweet treats and cocktails that will make you feel fabulous as well as tickle the taste buds, all inspired by my life growing up and my journeys around the world. In need of some inspiration to change? Read about all my travels and adventures. 

One last thing - every month I publish free recipe ebooks for Rosanna ETC subscribers with fast, fresh and delicious recipes you can make at home. Sign up below to get yourself on the list! 


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