90 minutes to event success


You might be a business owner, or a bride or groom, perhaps a charity, an entrepreneur, a performer, an artist.


You could be planning a networking event, a wedding, a gala fundraising dinner, a celebration, a performance or an exhibition launch.

You might be thinking:

  • I'm so overwhelmed! Where do I even start?

  • How do I decide on a budget and keep costs down?

  • How do I find a venue?

  • How do I make a sponsorship proposal?

  • Someone famous is coming to my event, how can I leverage this?

  • How do I make a seating plan?

  • How do I make sure things happen as and when they should on the night?

90 minute power-planning sessions

My consultancy sessions will give you the tools you need to tackle the event with confidence and make it a success. I offer 90-minute power planning sessions to go through every element of your event and set you on the right course. I will work with on your three event cornerstones: budget, guest list and schedule. Then together we will fill in the jigsaw of all the other bespoke components of your event, giving you the foundations and framework to work from. This could include, venues, menus, suppliers, performers, speeches, sponsorship, media, photographers, GDPR, auctions, committees, hosts, comperes, staffing, volunteers, seating plans, whatever concerns you and your event, we will make a detailed plan. After all, failing to plan is planning to fail!


I created these 90-minute power planning sessions as an affordable alternative to hiring an event or wedding planner, as not everyone has the means to bring someone on board to manage their whole project, or maybe they don’t want to! But having an expert to go through every single thing with you is a weight off your mind and can set you off on the right track, and reassure you that you are in control. They take place over video call which make them accessible to anyone, anywhere.


My credentials

I have over a decade of experience in events and have worked on weddings and family parties, fundraising galas, awards ceremonies, concerts, art exhibitions, panel discussions, fashion shows, networking dinners and more. I have worked on events with celebrities, ultra-high-net-worth individuals and the Royal Family. Budgets and guest lists large and small, venues from a custom-built glasshouse to the Tate Modern. Every curve ball there is has been thrown at me, and I have come out the other end with experience that is guaranteed to help you.

Weddings and celebrations

Getting married? Got a big birthday or anniversary coming up? Does the prospect of throwing an event for all your friends and family fill you with dread? I can turn your disarray into order and your ideas into reality. It can be an overwhelming prospect to start planning a big event and I’m here to set you off on the right track, give you the tools you’ll need and organise your ideas and to do list.

Testimonial from Kat Hattersley Greenish, Bride

My fiancé and I had some previous event experience so didn’t feel that we needed to employ a wedding planner, however we thought it would be a good idea to seek advice from a professional events expert before we started planning. Our sessions with Rosanna helped us to stay on track with each stage of planning our wedding, allowed us the space to explore creative ideas, and very importantly gave us the peace of mind that we hadn’t forgotten anything! In the final week leading up to our wedding, Rosanna’s help was imperative to everything running like clockwork on the day. As a Bride you want to have the confidence in your pre-event planning so that you don’t have to worry about anything on the day. Rosanna’s guidance really allowed me to step back, relax and immerse myself in the best day of my life.

Fundraising events

I am an expert in the field of fundraising events and can help your charity to reach your income goals and create a memorable and engaging experience for your guests. In my career to date, I have helped raise over £10million for charities around the world. Organisations I have worked with include English National Opera, Cancer Research UK, Lumos, Bottletop, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Gift of Life Foundation, the Royal Academy and Rambert.

Testimonial from Henry Conway

I worked with Rosanna when I sat on the committee for a major fundraising concert and gala she was organising, in aid of a major national arts organisation. I could not recommend her more.


In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, fundraising is more important than ever, and a special event can bring in significant income to help get you back on track as well as celebrate your cause and refocus your supporters. The option of  cancel, delay or move online is a decision many are faced with and I can discuss these with you and help you make the right decision for your organisation.

How does it work?

First, book a free 15-minute phone call to assess your needs.

We will go over the basics of your event so I can get key information from you and work out how best to help you move forwards.


Then arrange a 90-minute video call consultation

I will prepare template documents in advance based on our assessment call for us to fill out together and get you into the best possible position to go on and plan your event yourself. You will receive full notes from our session with all action points and your schedules and budget to use moving forwards.


Also available are 90-minute event briefing sessions in the week/10 days before your event to tie up any loose ends, delegate tasks and alleviate anxiety before the big day.

Structure and pricing


Option 1


One 90-minute power planning session


For those who want to be set off on their planning journey safe in the knowledge that they have sought expert advice and have all the tools and knowledge that they need to then go DIY on their event.


We will go through your event objective in detail and create your event cornerstones. You will end the session with a comprehensive overview of exactly what you need to do and when to make your event a success. Put your event in an experienced pair of hands for 90 minutes, and I will ask all the right questions and give all the right advice and actions you need to take (and what to delegate).


Price: £200


Option 2


Two ‘book end’ power planning sessions.

The final 2 weeks before an event is often what I call ‘firefighting’ time. It’s those last-minute curveballs and final adjustments that can drive you insane and leave you struggling to maintain an oversight of what needs to be done. Book a further 90-minute briefing session within this time frame and we will run through your event minute by minute and plug any holes, fix any issues, and make it watertight.


We will fine tune every aspect and assign tasks that need to be delegated. Go into your event day feeling confident and in control.


Price: £350


Option 3


Two ‘book end’ power planning sessions plus 3 check in calls

For those who’d like more guidance during the planning process, I offer the book-end sessions power planning sessions plus 3 check in calls at any time throughout the process where you have 30 minutes to check how you’re doing, ask questions and get expert tips and advice along the way.

Price: £500


If you’d like to discuss any of the above, please get in touch by emailing me at info@rosannaetc.com and we can book in a no obligation phone call. 

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