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As isolation has worn on, happy hour at home has become more and more decadent. I have found that making a beautiful cocktail and enjoying it before dinner has become a real treat. Sometimes I'll sit in the garden and read a book, or fiddle around on instagram or video call a friend and it's a great way to relax. I thought I'd share the recipes for 3 of my favourites so you na enjoy too!

Easy cocktail recipes

The Bramble

  • 25ml Chambord (find it on Amazon here)

  • 25ml Gin (I like Sipsmith)

  • 20ml Fresh Lemon Juice

Pour the gin, lemon juice and chambord over some ice, and serve with a lemon wedge. I topped this one up with some soda water but alternatively you can pour the ingredients over crushed ice and serve that way!

The Rhubarb martini

• 50ml rhubarb gin (get some here)

• 10ml dry vermouth (try this one)

• 3 dashes rhubarb bitters (optional but available here if you want to add)⠀

Shake over ice and serve with a lemon twist⠀

Citrus vodka soda

  • 50ml citrus vodka (Absolut do a good one)

  • 100ml lemon soda (alternatively use normal soda and add lemon syrup)

Shake over ice and serve with a lemon wedge

And enjoy!

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