• rosanna

A step by step guide to growing herbs at home

I am a huge fan of herbs. They add so much to a dish and are a really easy way to elevate the flavour of what you eat, either in the recipe or as a garnish.

Growing herbs at home is really easy and a fun activity for kids and adults alike. At the moment, I have just planted Dill, Coriander, Pea Shoots and Lettuce seeds and I already have Rosemary and Chives growing in my garden. It's brilliant to have an ample supply of nature's best flavouring! I thought I'd write a step by step guide to growing herbs at home so you can try it too.

Step by step guide to growing herbs at home

To get started you will need:

A shallow tray (mine is 30cm X 40cm X 10cm)

Compost (in an ideal world, but if you can't get hold of it then any soil will do)


Labels (I use old wooden ice cream sticks)


And that's it in terms of kit. Getting hold of seeds and gardening equipment at the moment can be tricky but try B&Q or Suttons.

Add the soil into your tray, and scatter the seeds over the top into your labelled sections. Make sure they aren't all clumped together. Then add another thin layer of soil over the top, and give them a good drink of water.

And now wait for your herbs to grow! The time it will take for the seeds to germinate will vary depending on a few factors including what seeds they are and the weather, but I expect my pea shoots to start coming up first in about a week.

Put the tray in a sunny spot and keep an eye on it so it doesn't get too dry but equally don't let them get waterlogged so if there is a lot of rain forecast, maybe bring them inside as you don't want the seeds sitting in cold wet soil.

Good luck and enjoy your fresh herbs!