• rosanna

Travel Diaries: Arriving in Belize!

Well, I'm here! It was a long journey but SO exciting and at every point the safety protocols were reassuringly strict and after 3 flights I finally arrived in Placencia. The final flight here from Belize city was the most fun as it was in a tiny propeller plane courtesy of Belizean national airline Tropic Air. They run shuttle services around the country, and the laid back and friendly feeling was the perfect welcome to the Caribbean. I then went to Umaya which is to be my home for the next 5 weeks, FINALLY took off my mask, jumped in the shower and then flopped on the bed.

Then it was time to explore. We are on a strip of land, with the sea on one side and a lagoon on the other. We get sunrise over the sea, and sunset over the lagoon, it is bliss.

I woke up the next morning and was met by clear blue skies and sparkling waters, it really was like waking up in a dream. My breakfast consisted of this...

And then it was time to get to work! Whilst being in a place like this might feel like a holiday, I am here to keep going with my plans and am already forging on with things, I even launched my YouTube channel on Sunday showing my journey...

I'm now learning about Belizean food and finding recipes, and starting to try making things! I'm writing and documenting everything, and can't wait to show you. I have so many plans and ideas, and this is a wonderfully creative place full of inspiration.

When I left the UK in October, we weren't in lockdown (although it was rumoured) and I really thought that by now things would be better. I was wrong of course and things are bad but the Covid rates do seem to be slowing, I just hope they continue to do so. With the end of my 90 days in the USA on an ESTA, I was faced with a choice of flying home or staying abroad (I had to go somewhere or else I'd be committing visa fraud by overstaying) and I am eternally grateful that I had the opportunity to come to Belize to work remotely from here and stay safe in such a beautiful, quiet and isolated spot. It's a real privilege that I don't underestimate, I'm so grateful to be here and have this amazing and inspirational place to create in!

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