• rosanna

Travel Diaries: Back to San Francisco

Well, I made it back to the USA! I flew to San Francisco from Belize and have to say it was one of the smoothest and stress-free journeys I have had in a long time. American Airlines were great, the stewards on both my flights made huge efforts to move people around the cabin and re-allocate seating to maintain social distancing and were lovely and friendly to boot.

On my way back I had to stop off in Dallas Fort Worth Airport for a few hours which was actually a joy, what a well-designed airport! I will always try and fly via this route in future if I have to have a layover. I stopped by Pappasito's Cantina in Terminal A for a snack and then was on my way back to the Bay Area.

North Beach San Francisco nightlife

The city feels so much more alive now than it did when I left in January. More people, more traffic, more life. They came out of a full lockdown the day after I left and now are even more open with shops, bars and restaurants all able to operate, albeit with some safety restrictions still in place.

Over the last few days, the weather here has been gorgeous so we had an outing to Stinson Beach and a BBQ too. As always, safety first so I have had multiple tests and many of the people we will be seeing in the coming weeks are vaccinated too which is a relief.

Being a travel blogger in a long-distance relationship, I'm always a bit nervous about border patrol here in the USA in case they refuse me entry - even though I never break any rules and plan future immigration the legal way (more on that soon!). But it went smoothly and now I am here for another few weeks before finally heading home to England. I will have been away for 6 months, I can't believe it. What's the longest you've ever been away from home for? Mine was 2 weeks before this trip! And what a trip it has been. Read back over my blog posts from the past few months to see what I've been up to and some delicious food I've made. And let me know if you try any yourself!