• rosanna

Belizean Food: An Easy Refried beans recipe

I am already on a Belizean food mission, filling my fridge with fresh ingredients and stocking up on spices, oils and herbs. Something I have always loved is refried beans, they work so well with everything! You can use as a side dish, or as I prefer, a dip to be shovelled into my mouth with plantain chips. It is also coming up to World Pulses Day so this is a topical recipe! Gotta love pulses (or legumes as they are also known) they're so versatile and tasty. And there are a lot of them over here which suits me perfectly. So here is my take on refried beans, simple and delicious and I maaaaaaay have scoffed the lot already.

Belizean refried beans recipe


1 shallot, finely diced

1 can kidney beans, drained but reserve a little of the water

4 coriander stalks, finely diced

1/2 tsp cumin

1 tbsp chilli oil

Pinch of sea salt

A squeeze of fresh lime and more coriander to serve


Fry the shallot in some vegetable oil until softened, then add the cumin and stir until it is fragrant. Now add the coriander stalks and the beans and keep stirring until it is all coated.

Turn off the heat and add the chilli oil and a little of the kidney bean water and it is time to mash! You can put it in a blender or do it by hand with a potato masher and the consistency is up to you, some prefer it totally pureed and others (like me) enjoy it still a bit chunky.

Serve with a pinch of salt, some fresh lime juice and extra coriander scattered over the top.

PS. Traditionally, lard is used in this dish but I a) didn't have any and b) had just made my own chilli oil so decided to use that instead and it worked really well! Plus gave it some subtle warmth.

That's it! Simple eh. But delicious.