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Today I went to my parents for lunch. This was a big deal, because I have not been able to spend time with them in this way for the past few months due to COVID-19. We had a BBQ so that we could all be outside, and I decided to pick some flowers from their garden to make a table arrangement and style everything to match.

I am all about upstyling life in any small way that you can and I often feel like mealtimes are the easiest thing to elevate and make special. Sitting down to a beautifully set table is just a little thing you can do to bring style into the everyday and I love the ceremony of it.

Creating a tablescape

I started with flowers and then built everything around that. It helps to start with a colour palette and I chose some beautiful roses and peonies in pink, orange and blush tones to create a dome style arrangement and put them in an antique crystal rose bowl. Low flower displays are a lot more sociable for the dining table, always remember that people have to be able to see each other!

I love roses and peonies together and I was spoilt for choice with lots of colour ands size variation to choose from. The scrunchy texture of the petals all together is the best combination.

After the flowers I chose crockery to complement them, and picked some really amazing statement plates with vibrant orange rims. I like plates with bold rims, I think it is a great way to lift a tablescape and introduce colour without it being overpowering. Crisp white napkins, crystal water tumblers and fine stem wine glasses completed the look. Investing in a few lovely vases, some great crockery and good glassware doesn't need to cost the earth and you will use it all again and again so for me it's something I'll always want in my home. If you don't have access to fresh flowers in the garden or local supermarket, buying faux flowers is also a really easy way to brighten up your home. Both Oka and Dunelm do great ranges.

Creating a tablescape - get the look

Here are some products you can use to recreate this look (some affiliate links)

  1. Blue rimmed Royal Doulton Pacific Porcelain dinner plate

  2. Denby Halo Rim Dinner Plate

  3. Denby Natural Canvas Dinner Plate

  1. Marquis by Waterford Crystal Sheridan Flared Bowl

  2. LSA International Flower Table Vase

  1. Dartington Crystal Simplicity White Wine Glasses

  2. Old Fashioned Crystal Glass Tumbler

Creating a tablescape is a small way of upstyling your day and I hope you have as much fun as I do then sitting down and enjoying a meal in elevated surroundings.

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