• rosanna

Travel guides: Cyprus weather in April

Since I was 13 years old, I have gone to Cyprus once or twice a year, and it is like a second home to me. Sitting tucked below Turkey in the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is a holiday favourite. But when is the best time to visit Cyprus? From my experiences, it is April.

wild flower meadow in cyprus

The temperature in Cyprus varies wildly; it the hottest island in the Mediterranean, with peak summer temperatures hitting an average of 37 degrees Celsius. It starts to really gather momentum from April onwards, and by August, it can feel hotter than the sun. In August 2020, a temperature of 45.6 degrees Celsius was recorded in Nicosia! The landscape withers, looking arid and dry, and forest fires are common. Yet the winters are cold with a lot of rain, wind and sometimes even snow.

Cyprus weather in April is the best, in my opinion. Temperatures sit at around 23-28 degrees Celsius during the day, and then the evenings are cool. You'll need to layer. Outdoors, Spring is in bloom, and wildflower meadows spread across the land and make for a stunning sight, and it is well worth driving into the hills to see them. Oranges and Lemons grow on the trees, the sea is warm, and there are far fewer tourists. It is, quite simply, bliss.

blue lagoon in cyprus

This is me swimming in Fontana Bay, also known as the Blue Lagoon (can you guess why?). It is only accessible by boat (or you must not care about your vehicle's suspension), and it a beautiful place to spend some time. It does get jam-packed in the high summer months, though, hence why visiting Cyprus in April is a good idea. We hire a boat from Latchi Watersports and take it around the coast and have done it every single year now for over 20 years.

I'll be posting more tips on Cyrpus in the coming weeks so do be sure to check back if this is a destination you are keen to explore. Right now, anyone travelling to Cyrpus needs to fill out the Cyprus Flight Pass and include testing or vaccine information. For more information on Cyprus, check out their tourism website here!