• rosanna

Exploring a disused tube station

I recently found some old photos from the time I got to go and explore the disused Aldwych tube station in London to suss it out as the venue for an event. Apologies for less than great image quality but these were taken on an ancient iphone when the camera was alot less high tech than it is now!

It closed in 1994 but seemed to dated, it had some lovely features though and really felt quite spooky and very special to get to see it.

Then came the exciting bit…the descent down the (many) stairs to see the platforms and tunnels. One of the platforms shut in 1994 when the main station closed but platform 2 was closed in 1917 and is seriously eerie. Both are used in films but platform 2 was also used by the British Museum to store their artifacts during World War II to keep them safe.

There were lots of secret tunnels and staircases which we wandered around, luckily with a guide as I didn’t fancy getting lost

I really wanted to go down the tunnel itself but wasn’t allowed, although to be honest I probably would have got scared as soon as it got dark and would have worried about coming across a train. 

The only downside was having to climb back up the stairs as the lift is no longer operational but it was worth it. 

Sadly it never worked out as a venue as we couldn't fit in the number of guests we needed but how cool to get to see it. Definite job perk right there!