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What To Pack: The Best Flat Summer Sandals in 2021

Summer is coming (yay!), and all of us are probably feeling a little bewildered at the prospect of having to pack for a holiday after so long stuck at home. Exploring a new destination is one of my favourite parts of travelling. Still, it can be tricky in vertiginous heels, so I thought I'd put together an edit of 9 pairs of flat summer sandals that will dress up any outfit without risking your ankles.

When deciding what to pack for a summer holiday, I always bring a chic pair of flats as well as some casual flip flops, and the best news is that they take up hardly any space in your suitcase. Tucked on top of one another and wrapped in a shoe bag or a t-shirt, they can tuck down the side of your luggage and leave you ample room for chunkier items.

These flat summer sandals are my round-up of the best out there in 2021 that won't break the bank, and I love a statement detail, so we have bows, braids, buckles and buttons and an array of metallics, neutral tones and brighter colours. Happy shopping!

The Best Flat Summer Sandals in 2021

Zara metallic sandals

Goddess Chic by Zara

Flat summer sandals by Zara with a statement metallic bow - £25.99

How gorgeous are these sliders by Zara? I'd feel like Hermes (messenger of the Greek Gods) as the asymmetric bow detail is almost wing-like. Stunning with a plain white dress.

Russell & Bromley summer sandals for holidays

Lady in Red by Russell & Bromley

Russell and Bromley red suede sandals £125

If in doubt, wear red. That pop of colour will make you happy every time you look down. Just be mindful your pedicure doesn't clash!

H&M summer sandals

Neutral sliders from H&M

Braided sandals by H&M £12.99

Woven or braided detail on footwear has been big news this year, and these sandals by H&M are excellent value at only £12.99.

Russell & Bromley leather sandals

Soft and comfortable at Russell & Bromley

Knotted Russell & Bromley sandals in soft cream leather £145

The leather on these Russell & Bromley sandals looks so soft; I can imagine wearing them for hours whilst exploring the narrow cobbled streets of Italy.

Zara pistachio green sandals

Statement details at Zara

Zara pistachio green sandals with chunky gold chain detail £29.99

You can always trust Zara to go big or go home on the statement details, and the giant chain links on these green summer sandals are super cool.

Russell & Bromley orange sandals

Colour pops and pearls at Russell & Bromley

Russell & Bromley orange strappy sandals with pearl detail £145

Orange is my absolute favourite colour, and I love a strappy sandal with delicate details like these pearls studded along the leather of these Russell & Bromley flats. These are top of my personal wishlist for summer.

Soft metallics at Ugg

Gold leather sandals by Ugg £55

You know these Ugg sandals will be comfortable just by looking at them, so if you plan on doing a lot of walking whilst on holiday, they would be a good option.

H&M flat summer sandals for holidays

Delicate and bright from H&M

Crocodile print red sandals by H&M £17.99

Another cracking pair of red sandals, but at £17.99, a real steal! H&M have some amazing footwear this and summer, and I love the crocodile print detail on these.

Zara sandals with giant pearl detail

Tan leather chic at Zara

Tan leather sandals by Zara with giant pearl detail £29.99

And finally, another gorgeous pair by high street favourite, Zara. The pearl detail may be big, but the gold edging and tan leather all tones together and somehow still make these quite understated. The cutout detail on the leather is also quite reminiscent of the Hermes sandal that everyone went wild for. Top marks!

Wherever you plan to go in 2021, I hope you get to relax and enjoy your time away. Looking for inspiration? Check out my travel blog posts here.

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