• rosanna

Food Styling Tips and How To Take Good Photos

I get asked all the time:

'who takes your photos?'

'who styles the food?'

'what camera do they use?'

The answer is me. And my phone. Simple! It's always so flattering but literally, anyone can do it.

You do not need a fancy expensive camera and a qualification in food styling to get a good shot that is worthy of going viral on Instagram. Of course, there is always a place for beautiful cameras that capture incredible images but with the advances in smartphone tech...it isn't necessary

Every single photo on my blog and Instagram is taken and styled by me (unless I'm in a restaurant in which case it's just the pic!). And yes, I am a creative person but I have spent YEARS honing my craft to get stunning images every time and now you can too!

STOP THE SCROLL is my latest ebook, focusing on food styling and photography. I talk you through every element from cooking methods right up to the point you take the picture. I show you how to get the shot every time and style food that will draw an audiences gaze and stop them from scrolling past your photo. And I don't want you to waste any food doing it! It is a well known fact that pro food stylists rarely work with hot food and use all sorts of tips and tricks to make it look appetising, even if it is stone cold and has been sitting around for a few hours. But what if it's your dinner? In STOP THE SCROLL I show you how to plan and prepare so that you never have to let food sit around, you'll be ready to get the picture and then devour your hard work. Because that is the joy of food isn't it?

Food styling and photography is not hard if you know these tips and tricks and STOP THE SCROLL is 20 pages of just that. Everything I have learned, in one place. It's been a labour of love putting this ebook together but I am so proud of it and know how much it can help you.

Packed full of value and with real-life examples of every step, STOP THE SCROLL is a one-stop shop not just for budding food stylists and photographers, but anyone who wants to upgrade their foodie pics. I cover cooking methods, plate ware, composition, plating styles, props, lighting and more to give you everything you need to get the shot, every time.

Get your copy here and let me know what you think! I'd love to hear from you. Tag me in any images you take too so I can share them on my instagram @rosannaetc