• rosanna

Homemade Christmas Decorations

For many reasons, you might prefer to create your own homemade Christmas decorations this year. Whether it's to spend less, be more sustainable or to entertain yourself and family during Covid lockdowns, there are lots of ways to go DIY. I have put together 4 of my favourite thing to make each Christmas that are friendly to your wallet and the environment and also a lot of fun!

Homemade Christmas Decorations

1. Cinnamon bundles

The smell of Cinnamon is so festive to me, and cinnamon sticks are remarkably easy to turn into sweet little decorations. I simply bought some ribbon from Etsy in colours I liked and tied them up in little bundles of 3. You can then hang them from the tree or scatter about the house on windowsills or on the dining table as part of the decor.

2. Dried orange slices

Dried orange slices are multitalented, there are so many ways to use them and once Christmas is over, they can go in the compost or food waste so are a very sustainable option.

To make them, simply slice up some oranges and dry slowly in the oven on a low heat (200C) for 4-5 hours, turning every 45 minutes. I find that placing them on a drying rack on a baking tray gets the best and fastest results as allows for air circulation around the fruit, but you can use greaseproof paper or foil if you don't have one.

Once done, you can place them in bowls or vases around the house or hang them on the Christmas tree or make a garland for a fireplace or doorway.

3. Goldeneye

At home in England I always forage things from the garden like seed heads, branches and certain fruits and spray paint them gold or silver to create festive items to dot about the house and really go big on decor. It’s fast, cheap and easy and you can get some great non toxic spray paints. Lay out some old cardboard or newspaper in a well ventilated area and go to town! Nothing is safe from me (except bananas, don’t use them) and all the beautiful pumpkins that were in grocery shops here for Thanksgiving make very pretty additions!

4. Presents! Or are they...

Piles of presents always look so wonderful but who is organised enough to buy and wrap everything by the time you are decorating the house? Here is a simple solution...use all the packaging from online orders and wrap those boxes up instead. I use old newspapers which I think look very chic, and more of the ribbon I buy from Etsy. This ties the whole look together and small piles of these fake presents can be placed around the house to give a really lovely vibe. After Christmas you can recycle the newspaper and boxes, and keep the ribbons for next year!

I hope this gives you some ideas as to how you can decorate your home this Christmas without breaking the bank or ending up with a load of plastic - if you make anything please tag me on instagram as I'd love to see!