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Choosing a photographer is a huge deal. Moments only happen once and then they’re gone, and that feeling of ‘oh I wish someone had caught that on camera’ is a really sad one! You want to live in the moment and enjoy yourself as a host, but you also want to know that memories are captured for you to use and/or or treasure afterwards.

I thought it would be useful for readers to have advice from someone who really knows their stuff so I roped in a friend of mine to be a Rosanna ETC contributor and dispense key tips for anyone on the search for someone to document their event.

Will Bremridge is, in his own words, a young(ish) London based commercial and editorial photographer shooting for creative agencies, magazines and brands.

Will and I were at university together and I’ve loved watching his career as it has grown from just starting out to travelling the world doing portrait and lifestyle work for huge clients and brands. He has worked for Google, Universal Music Group, Virgin Atlantic, GQ, The Evening Standard and more. He’s photographed celebrities including Jack Black, Paloma Faith, will.i.am, Henry Golding, Jess Glyn and Iwan Rheon (looking rather friendlier in this pic than you'd expect from the most evil character on TV, Game of Thrones' Ramsay Bolton). On shoots like this, timing is often very tight and the pressure is high to get the right shot so never worry about seeing a portfolio with a lot of portrait shots in it - this means the photographer is used to getting things done, to brief and speedily!

He also shoots a mean wedding!

Will is going to write some guest posts for Rosanna ETC on all things to do with photography, like how to write a brief and options for when you’re on a tight budget. Here is his first piece as a contributor, which I think is the perfect piece of bite sized advice for someone holding an event or wedding who wants to hire someone to document it.

Here is Will in his own words, giving his expert opinion on the two characteristics you should look for in a photographer and their portfolio:

1. Storytelling

Event or wedding photography is essentially photojournalism, and the story can be summed up by these three categories - people, location, guest experiences.

What you’re hiring is someone who can deliver you a gallery of images that show the event for everything that it is.

Tip: don’t get bogged down trying to find the exact same event as yours in their portfolio, just gauge whether they can cover these 3 categories and you’re safe.

2. Confidence and manners

Confidence means a photographer can act fast to capture moments, arrange group shots, and get the best out of the people they photograph. For example, when I attend weddings as a guest, seeing an excessively meek wedding photographer trying to assemble a confetti line is painful to watch. Same goes for a delicate photographer thrown into a room of celebrities or titans of the corporate world. Having a photographer who’s confident, polite and friendly with people is a must. Call them, brief them on your event and get a feel for what they’re like. Their confidence in their work will give you one less thing to worry about when the event is in full swing.

Getting on well with the subject is always a good idea!

Hopefully these tips will help when scrolling endless names and images, allowing you to focus on what you need and then the next step is approaching a shortlist with a brief to get a quote. I have another post from Will going live soon on how to write a brief so watch this space for that!

Thanks to Will for getting involved, go check out his instagram for more great examples of his work and fun updates on what he's doing.

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