• rosanna

How to pack your best self

Now as the weather is turning and summer seems a distant memory, our thoughts turn to the changing of seasons and the passing of time, the onset of winter and beyond. Maybe you’re already planning your next trip away to warmer climes (I know I am!)

So on the subject of packing. Travel is so much easier these days, we can jet off somewhere at the drop of a hat and spend a weekend escaping the daily slog, visit friends, explore a new landscape. But we spend all our time focusing on what stuff to pack. The right shoes, the right clothes, insect repellent, phone charger, books and we don’t think about what of ourselves we are taking with us. You’ll often hear people say they are so much happier on holiday or in a certain place, they just feel healthier, they look better, they get on better with their family. Might it be that they are packing their best selves and leaving the other bits behind? They’re taking their confidence, their humour, their positivity, sense of adventure, passion and an open mind to experience new things?

Why do we only bring these things on holiday with us? Why can’t we wake up in the morning and ‘pack’ our best selves then, even if for a normal day in the office. In simplest terms, this is having a positive mental attitude. But I like the analogy of packing. Pack what’s good for you. Pack what you will need that day. Leave behind the things you don’t need, it’s all extra weight to carry around and hinder your journey.

Similarly, if you overpack you need help to carry it. You wouldn’t think twice about seeking help to carry a heavy suitcase, you’d never give a small child an enormous load to lug around. Yet we often pick up too much in everyday life, and spend our days struggling to cope with the strain it puts on our bodies and minds. Using metaphor can help break open a dialogue and I find this one a very valuable one. Our jobs and careers can be a particular cause for a heavy load and we need to watch out for signs of stress in ourselves, and in our colleagues.

In short. Pack what you need and only take the things that make you the best you. Leave behind the bad stuff. Ask for a hand if you’ve got too much to carry.