• rosanna

How to use Pinterest

Who here loves a vision board? I have had a lot of questions over my use of Pinterest as it is a platform I have always used and loved. The first thing to bear in mind when getting started on Pinterest is that it isn't a social media platform, it's a search engine. But it is all done through images which makes it ideal for visual people like me! I use it as an ideas bank, somewhere I can find inspiration, collect products, gaze at beautiful things or virtually create a lookbook. Outfits, interiors, travel...you can create a board for anything (and keep it private if you prefer). I have 31 and counting! Pinterest is free to use and very simple once you get the hang of it and so to give you a bit of an introduction, here is my guide on how to get started on Pinterest.

How to use Pinterest

  1. Make an account

  2. Create some boards

  3. Start pinning!

Creating an account is free, so first go to Pinterest and sign up. Then create a few boards, for example 'Everyday style', 'easy recipes' and 'home interiors'. Choose categories for each board as you create them, as then Pinterest will start to suggest content to you. It will also learn from you and base future suggestions on what you're pinning. In addition to content suggested by Pinterest, you will also see content from people you follow. You can follow me here and most magazines and bloggers will have their own accounts so you can easily search for them to get you started and find some good stuff. This is a snapshot of one of my boards which is focused on beautiful detailing in clothes.

Hovering over each pin will give you a dropdown menu to choose which board to pin it to. This is pinning from within Pinterest (known as repins as you are pinning other users content), and then you can also pin from outside the platform.

On some websites you will see the Pinterest logo and that will let you pin a web page directly to a board from there, like this page from Vogue.

Or if the symbol isn't there, you can click on the 'create pin' button in Pinterest and copy the web page URL into it and it will pull through the images and page information. Simples!

Top topics for Pinterest are wedding planning, recipes, home improvements and fashion but you can create boards for anything you want. I have some boards that I created for a specific purpose like when I redecorated my bathroom and wanted to collate all the products I was considering. Then I have others that are more an expression of my creativity, curating beautiful images all in one place to inspire me. And then some are fantasy, like my Dream gowns and red carpet looks board which is pure couture and Met Gala fanciness and All that sparkles which is diamonds, emeralds, rubies and all the jewels you could desire. I have boards to help me design my future home, and to list hotels around the world I'd love to stay in.

I hope this helps you get started on Pinterest, let me know how you get on!