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Welcome to another guest post! As this time of year is a big time for event or wedding planning, I thought it would be really useful to write a post around writing a brief for a photographer. It sounds simple, but unless you’ve worked at lots of events and know what images you need/want and what the key info is, it can be hard to collate all the essential points.

So over to Will, our resident contributor on all thing’s photography. You can read his first post for us here but, in a nutshell, Will has worked with industry heavyweights including Google and has shot covers for numerous publications as well as photographing events for companies like Sony and weddings lots of private clients…so he knows his way around a brief. Here’s his no-nonsense advice on what to do:

DAY RATES “oh you’re a plumber? How much do you charge for plumbing?”

Asking a photographer for their ‘Day Rate’ when you’ve given them no details about the job is one of the most irritating things ever from our point of view. A day rate for what?

Be descriptive about the job otherwise they will most likely either severely over-quote or under-quote you for the work. “Under-quote you say? Surely that’s a major win for me?” It’s not, because if you’ve been vague about the amount of work needed your employee is going to do that job begrudgingly, with a bad taste in their mouth, feeling swindled, duped, mislead, lied to, you get the idea! Basically, you’ll get the bare minimum from them.

Here is an example brief with exactly what an event photographer needs in order to give you an accurate quote, and what’s more, you’ll have started that good communication with a bang. This is enough info for the photographer to quote you for the work. Once they’ve been booked you can go into more detail about the events nuances.


Hours: 6pm - 10pm

Location: The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London

Event Description: Charity awards dinner with approximately 150 people.

Photographer Brief: We’d like a photographer to capture photos of the guests as they arrive to champagne and party food. Please then roam the room as the guests have dinner and get a shot of each winner as they collect their award on stage (there are 8 awards). There will also be 3 short musical acts throughout the evening which will need to be photographed. Although quality is of primary importance, we’d like to publish a gallery of around 100-150 photos of our website.

Photo delivery: please send the final edits to us no later than midday the following day.


So there you have it! A nice little template for you to use with everything needed by a photographer to quote you and know exactly what the job entails.

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