• rosanna

Low cost wall art

Hanging art on the walls is an easy way to inject personality into your home and using postcards means you have instant memories from the places you've been, plus they are incredibly low cost. When I was in California art the beginning of March this year (pre Covid) we went to Point Reyes and whilst browsing in a little boutique I found some beautiful postcards by a local artist, Susan Hall. I thought that they'd make lovely and low cost wall art if I framed them and as they are a standard size (5x7) it is easy to buy cheap frames and mounts online to fit them.

When I finally made it back here to San Francisco a few weeks ago I took great pleasure in hanging them on the wall in our bedroom - they remind me of the happy weekend we spent when Covid was yet to take over the world. It was a fun little DIY project and didn't take long at all. Now I get to see them every day when I wake up.

Low cost wall art

You will need:


Frame (11x14 like this one)

Mount (in the same size but with 5x7 aperture, try these)

Sticky tape

Wall fixtures (Use these velcro sticky ones to avoid damaging walls)

Get everything ready (including where you plan to hang them, cleaning the wall if needed). Place some sticky tape on the underside of the postcard and lay it on the floor. Position the mount above and the press down so that the postcard sticks to it and doesn't then shift around in the frame.

Now assemble! Place the mount and postcard into the frame (use more tape to further secure it if needs be) and be sure to wipe the inside of the glass first to get rid of any pesky specs of dust that will be sure to annoy for you for months if you don't do it now.

I chose a dark brown frame to be slightly softer against the beige walls and then a cream mount but you can play with colours and textures to see what works best in your space. I personally think that with the small size of the postcard, a wide mount and really narrow frame looks best but again, see what works for you.

Once you have replaced the back of the frame you can hang it, use a pencil and spirit level (there are phone apps that do this if you don't have an actual one) to mark it up and make sure it is straight and in the right place. If hanging more than one like I did, I prefer to use the width of the mount to space them out. This low cost wall art idea is such a handy way to spruce up you home and you can get postcards at art galleries, local tourist shops or online to use.

I'd love to see your postcard wall art, be sure to tag me on instagram if this has inspired you to do it yourself!