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Lockdown might be revisiting us, don't be caught short without a well supplied bar at home.

I have put together a handy shopping list of all the essentials you need to stock your drinks trolley/cupboard so that whenever the urge arises you can make an old favourite or experiment and create something special.

Cocktail making can seem daunting but there are so many simple ones to make that don't require specialist equipment and just allow you to elevate happy hour at home.

Making cocktails at home

First, the alcohol and mixers:

And now for the kit. Dunelm is a favourite of mine for glassware, and this cocktail kit from Lakeland is also brilliant.

For inspiration and recipes, try this post where I go through 3 of my faves, or try this book for a treasure trove of things to try! Enjoy, and let me know how you get on by tagging #livingwelletc in any pics on instagram.

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