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How to make mushroom ravioli from scratch

Making fresh pasta is a real event! We decided to give it a try last weekend and had a lot of fun. We thought long and hard about what to make and decided on mushroom ravioli with a truffle cream sauce. True decadence. So this is our mushroom ravioli recipe, including the pasta dough recipe we used and the wondrous filling and sauce we created.

Disclaimer, we have a pasta machine which makes this a lot easier. But even then, it can be a tricky process and if you like you can simply buy fresh lasagne sheets, just make the filling and skip ahead to assembly!

How to make mushroom ravioli

There are several elements and steps in this dish, so if you are buying ready-made pasta you can skip to the section you need.

  1. Fresh pasta dough recipe

  2. Mushroom filling

  3. How to make the ravioli

  4. Truffle Cream Sauce

Pasta dough recipe


240g all purpose flour

3 whole eggs

3 egg yolks

1 tsp olive oil

1 tsp salt


Put everything in a food processor and blend until a ball forms. Then remove onto a floured surface, knead for a minute and then wrap in cling film and set aside.

Mushroom ravioli filling recipe


220g fresh mushrooms (like chestnut)

1 handful dried porcini mushrooms, soaked

3 garlic cloves

60ml white wine

1 tbsp dried thyme

2 tbsp grated parmesan

100g ricotta cheese (full fat)


Wash the fresh mushrooms and dry with a paper towel before cutting into quarters and putting in the food processor. Cut the porcini and garlic into small pieces and add as well. Blend until everything is in small 2mm pieces, not totally puréed.

Heat oil and butter in a pan and fry the mixture, adding the thyme and cook until all the moisture is evaporated, then add the wine, and continue to cook until all is absorbed and mostly dry.

Transfer to a bowl and allow to cool completely, then stir in the ricotta and parmesan.

How to make the ravioli

Cut the pasta dough into quarters, and piece by piece roll out into an oval shape before folding into a parcel and feeding through the pasta machine, widest setting first. Continue to fold and feed through a few more times before changing to a thinner setting and feeding through again and again without folding until the right thickness is achieved. Dust the dough with flour and place on a floured worktop (if you don't flour it, it will stick to itself like glue and cause you many, many nightmares).

Now place teaspoons of the filling onto the dough and seal the ravioli, using a fluted pastry wheel/pasta cutter like this to flute the edges. Use an egg wash to help seal the sides and make sure you push all the air out. I find using my pinky finger to encircle the filling helps with this.

Collect the ravioli on a floured tray and when you have done them all, boil some salted water and get ready to cook!

They will only take a matter of minutes so be ready with the sauce, which also cooks very fast. Put the pasta on, and then start the sauce immediately.

Truffle cream sauce recipe


1/2 shallot

250ml double cream

1 tbsp truffle puree

1 tbsp of the mushroom ravioli filling

Handful grated parmesan

Salt and pepper


Finely dice the shallot and then fry it in some butter. Add the cream and cook it down, stirring as it boils to make sure it doesn't stick or curdle on the bottom of the pan. Stir in the truffle puree, a bit of leftover filling and the grated parmesan. Season to taste and add the pasta straight out of the water into the sauce, the starch from the pasta water will help the sauce to stick to the ravioli.

Plate it up and dust it with some extra parmesan and fresh parsley. Enjoy with a nice crisp sauvignon blanc and you may also want to get some warm bread in the oven to mop up any extra sauce, it's that good. Any additional pasta filling can be put in an omelette for a particularly decadent brunch!

Let me know if you give this a try, and tag me on instagram so I can see!