Back in October 2020 when I left the UK, I was packing for a 3 month trip to California in winter time, where I had no idea what the Covid restrictions would be and if we'd be allowed out. I brought a, let's say broad, range of things and have learned a lot since then about what the true essentials are (note to self, 2 evening dresses, 3 pairs of boots and 2 pairs of high heels was *probably* excessive given that we have been in lockdown).

Fast forward to January 2021 and I am heading to the Carribean to work remotely and live the ultimate Digital Nomad lifestyle in Belize for a while before heading home (see why here), and with that comes a very different packing list!

My new digs at Umaya Village in Placencia, Belize are right on the beach, and to get there I have to take a teeny tiny plane from Belize City which means a teeny tiny luggage allowance. Due to the 2 week stopover I had in Turkey before I could fly to the USA (because of the travel ban) I do have a few clothes suitable for warmer weather but no shorts or swimwear so that had to be an emergency purchase! Thankfully you can find some real bargains when it is a) the middle of winter and b) no one is allowed to travel. I won't need a huge amount as there are still restrictions in place there and really, shorts and flip flops will cover most occasions! I will also be in a touristy area so can pick things up there if needed but it's always best to take the essentials, as we all know how expensive essentials can be in tourist areas! Plus in times of Covid it's best to limit how much going out to shops that you do.

This is what I am taking, and I hope it keeps me under 15kg! Things like my laptop will be in hand luggage for safety, and I am taking a small and light suitcase.


Laptop and cover

AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K action camera

UK to USA adapter plugs x2


Chargers for laptop, iPhone (plus portable charger), camera battery, Fitbit, wireless headphones

Wireless earbuds

USB card reader


Laptop stand

Camera tripod

Resistance workout bands

Water bottle


Shorts x2

Sundress x2

Long sleeved beach shirt/cover up x1

T-Shirts/vests x4

Sweater x1

Underwear x7

Bra x3

Sports bra x1

Socks x 3

Bikini x1

Swimsuit x1


Flip flops x1

Trainers x1


Hand sanitiser gel and wipes

Shampoo and conditioner

Face wash and face cream




Insect repellent


Limited makeup (mascara, CC cream, lip balm)


Wallet and paperwork


Drivers Licence

Travel insurance documents

ESTA for return to USA

Limited cash

Revolut card

Now the one thing I am uncertain of is a hairdryer. It's a luxury item, pretty bulky and it will be HOT where I am going so I'm not sure I'll really want to blow hot air all over my head. However...if I don't take it and then need it for some reason I will be annoyed. We'll see if it fits...

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