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I'll put my hands up and say that my skin has always been pretty good, I have often been that person that people say 'you have such nice skin' to. I have never suffered from bad acne like a lot of people do. However. I used to get these bright red blemishes on my face (mainly my cheeks and forehead) that would drive me mad as they were so obvious, like a glaring red flag. I always thought it was hormonal, or genetic, or I'd make up an excuse but eventually last year I got fed up, did a ton of research and put some steps in place to see what worked and guess what? These 6 things I'm about to share with you really, really did and I am pretty much always blemish free now, consistently.

Now, if I do get the occasional spot I can ALWAYS trace it to not doing one of the below.


1. Wash your pillow cases twice as often as your sheets

This was the biggest game changer for me. Once I realised I was squashing my face up against the same, progressively more dirty piece of fabric for 8 hours every single day I was like oh well duh of course that's going to give me spots. So now I clean them more, and my spots practically vanished overnight. So get into a cycle of washing your pillow cases more often, and buy an extra set of the ones you have to make it easier.

2. Carry a water bottle with you at all times and keep filling it up from the tap throughout the day

An oldie but a goodie. You need to hydrate. If you never drink enough water, make it easier on yourself by carrying it with you. Make a rule that you'll get through 1/2/3 refills a day and get used to having it with you always. Chilly's are great as they stay cold so it will always be refreshing and you can add lemon etc to perk it up a bit if you want to add some flavour.

3. Limit processed foods and unhealthy fats

You are what you eat. If you eat a load of sugar, unhealthy fat and processed foods full of grease this is going to come out somewhere! Don't let it be your face. I'm not saying you should never enjoy pizza and ice cream but use the 80/20 rule to balance it out with fresh fruit and veg and other naturally occurring foods and you will notice a difference.

4. Wash your hands often and try not to touch your face too much if you have long nails

This is an easy one but it really makes a helps. Think about how much dirt you pick up on your hands...and especially if you have long nails...ew. Don't wipe that all over your visage! Train yourself to not touch your face so much and if you're ever doing something like applying make up or tweezing your brows, wash your hands and thoroughly scrub under your nails first.

5. Double cleanse if you wear make up

Double cleansing has had a bit of a craze this year and at first I thought...they're just trying to get us to buy more expensive skincare. But then I thought about it some more and thought actually if we are wearing make up, it might not be enough to just wash your face, you might need a 'prewash'. Enter Micella Water. Wipe some over your face on a cotton wool pad or flannel to remove the make up, and THEN cleanse. It really means you get rid of everything and come up squeaky clean. Personally, I cleanse quickly with Micellar water each morning and then usually double cleanse at night time.

6. Clean your glasses/sunglasses

Think about it, they are resting against your nose and forehead. You might get sweaty. You might take them off and on a lot. Which means you're touching them. Bacteria from your hands then gets on your sunglasses and boom - it's now trapped between your sweaty face and your sunglasses. Blemish heaven. We all carry wipes and anti bacterial gel these days so do yourself a favour and give some to your glasses.

And as a COVID afterthought, all of this applies to our face masks. Wash them often. Have several handy do you don't have to keep re-using the same one over and over. They might save your life (or the life of someone around you) but that doesn't mean they won't give you a spotty face.

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