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Another chapter in my challenge to de-clutter my life! The first thing I am tackling is my wardrobe, and giving it a bit of a detox. Actually wearing the stuff I have, and not endlessly consuming more more more.

I did fall off the wagon once last week and bought a new Zara shirt. I am slightly addicted to Zara (and there is one enormous store on my way to work...I have to walk past it every.single.day) but since then have taken further steps to reduce the risk of me wanting new things.

I've put a ban on myself checking ASOS every day. I used to do this, I would just check their 'new in' page and see everything that had been added to the site. Doing this meant I basically had an overall view of everything on there, and got the best stuff straight away as it came into stock. I deleted the app off my phone and iPad and I really miss it, not going to lie. I used to really enjoy seeing what was new every evening when I got home but until I get into the habit of not buying...I need to go cold turkey. Seeing new clothes every day makes me want new clothes every day...I am honestly the most easily influenced person, ever.

I also like collecting things, as I have discovered going through all my belongings. I have a problem with buying shirts, especially ones with slight embellishment. And especially ones from Zara (facepalm). I have 4 off white shirts with sleeve detail from Zara. Plus the new denim one I bought last week. And then a lovely Topshop one on top of that and more and more. In my defence though they are all classics that will last a long time of cared for properly.

If it has a fancy sleeve...I'll buy it. Apparently.

Anyway, last weekend I continued my Marie Kondo style purge and managed to get rid of one huge bag and a big box of clothes and donated it all to charity.

The Beanie Babies went too...

As it's quite a lot of stuff I needed to have it collected and discovered a website called iCollectClothes, they have partner charities and will come and get bags/boxes from you and then it will be donated to whichever organisation you choose. I picked Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary, which provides lifetime help and care for horses, ponies, goats, donkeys, cows, sheep and cats that have been abused or neglected. They'll care for them no matter how old they are and give them a safe, enjoyable and cosy home to live in for the rest of their natural lives. I am very happy my things went to help these animals. There were quite a few pieces that I had only worn once, or that I remember not even liking that much when I bought them (?!?!?!?). And then a lot of things that I have had for years and years and haven’t worn in years and years. They all went.

I am still pondering how to sort my chest of drawers. It's a big antique piece with very deep drawers and now that I've donated so many items I want to maybe get some dividers so it doesn't just become a jumbled mess. Does anyone have any ideas?

One of the perks of my shoe purge last weekend is that now they actually all fit in my wardrobe

My next job is to arrange everything in a more organised way...sort out my handbag stash and then get styling. I'm excited for this part, getting creative and making new looks out of my streamlined, detoxed wardrobe. Wish me luck!

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