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2020. A new decade. To some, it might symbolise an exciting fresh start, a new beginning. To others it might bring panic at not having achieved, not met expectations, not fulfilled wishes and dreams.

On Facebook yesterday I had a barrage of adverts coming thick and fast as I journeyed down the endless scroll. They were for:

· Engagement rings

· Heartbreak counselling

· Beating Alcoholism

· Yoga mats

It made me laugh because they are clearly spreading the net wide and targeting the many people who either get engaged, break up, decide to give up drinking or decide to take up yoga over the Christmas break.

The media will be encouraging you to go to the gym, stop drinking, go vegan, and in the same sentence will tell you that you are destined to fail and provide sad statistics about new year regimes and low success rates.

So what should you do? For me personally, I am a fan of creating goals and a big believer in the power of positive thinking. Visualizing what you want and focusing on it, driving out negative thoughts of failure. As someone who is constantly upstyling every element of my life, my mindset has been one of the most important, and the most transformative aspects.

I say keep it simple and keep it positive. Instead of saying ‘in 2020 I won’t’ say ‘in 2020 I will’. Learn to stop negative thought patterns in their tracks and make it a priority to overthink the good, obsess over your positive goals rather than your perceived shortcomings. This blog post has a handy tool I find helpful with this.

My wonderful friend Charly is a wellness coach and does some amazing work with people who want to set goals and stop negative thought patterns from holding them back. She’s going to be doing a few things for Rosanna ETC in 2020 so stay tuned for that but do also get in touch with her directly if you are in need or a ‘re-set rocket’ for the year ahead. Check out her website here.

I have some huge goals for 2020 that frighten me a little but are also very exciting as they stand to give me so much future happiness. The best goals are ones that challenge you but that are driven by joy - most people only take action when driven by fear, so use this new year as an opportunity to explore your possibilities and find your joy.

A very Merry Christmas and happy new year from Rosanna ETC!

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