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Another Coronavirus related blog post today, but again with the aim of being helpful and providing some relief from the doom spiral found in the media. Again, I am getting my information on the situation solely from the WHO and the daily press conferences held by the government to limit the negative impact it has on my mental well being.

I am staying home, in my flat with Ginger Rogers (my large orange cat) and sticking to the rules so only going out once a day to get some fresh air, and keeping my distance from others. The rest of the time I am working, cooking, relaxing or sleeping but I obviously have a lot more time on my hands than I did before and therefore I have been coming up with constructive ways to spend it. I understand that I am in a very fortunate position, and I appreciate that many others are not. But I am finding it helpful to create a few small goals to set myself to achieve in this time to stop my going into a Netflix hole and emerging the other side like mole surfacing from hibernation.

For some, setting goals in this period might be a huge trigger for anxiety and it is definitely worth doing a temperature check every day to check how you are feeling before cracking the whip and redecorating your bedroom. For others, NOT having a list of tasks to tick off is the trigger and setting goals will be an enormous help to get you feeling in control. So whether or not you should set goals during the lock down is up to you and depends on what is best for your personal situation.

I am one of those people who panic at the idea of not being in control (I like the term 'control enthusiast' over control freak) and for me, creating a framework of things to achieve helps me feel safe. I also thought that writing my goals down and posting them on the internet would help keep me accountable for them. So here they are! I have split them into 2 categories, those relating to work and my career, and those relating to my mental well being.

Career related productive goals

1. Film an online course in event management (this has been ongoing for a while)

2. Redesign my website

3. Launch online consultancy sessions

Home/well being related productive goals

1. Finish my de-clutter challenge

2. Find small ways to 'up-style' my flat

3. Learn how to apply winged liquid eyeliner

4. Start running

I initially went mad with a huge long list, but have checked myself and edited it down. The reason for that being that the key to any goal is to make it SMART. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time sensitive. It can be counterproductive to set an enormous list of hugely ambitious goals so I would advise against attempting a total life overhaul because failing to achieve it will only leave you feeling like a failure. This is a strange and frightening time for everyone, so if you set one goal, and that is to re-watch every series of Sex And The City then good for you. Strangely the goal on my list that I think is least SMART is learning how to apply winged liquid eyeliner which may sound funny to you but this has thwarted me for YEARS. I might even record it so you can laugh, as we all need some laughter right now.

Signing off, but let me know if you have any goals I'd love to hear them!

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