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Last week was hard. It marked 8 weeks since I'd interacted with a single soul in real life (except Amazon delivery drivers running away from my front door and the wonderful staff manning my local grocery shop). And I really felt it. Whilst on my daily walk on Friday a little dog ran up to me and jumped up, putting its paws on my leg and I actually burst into tears as it was the first time a living thing other than my cat had touched me in so long!

I was pretty down in the dumps by the time we reached the weekend and I spent all of Saturday lying on the sofa. But today (Sunday) I decided to introduce the art of upstyling to breakfast in an effort to cheer myself up. I started by eating my favourite breakfast in fabulous style and it was so much fun I thought I'd share the idea! Creating beautiful things always cheers me up, I love engaging my brain in an artistic activity.

The Breakfast Martini Bowl

The Breakfast Martini Bowl

The good news is that this is ridiculously simple to do.

All it takes is a fancy glass and 3 ingredients. I used a cocktail glass but you could use wine or champagne or a crystal whisky tumbler...whatever is gathering dust at the moment due to not being able to entertain.


Add fruit like fresh berries

Add yogurt like Yeo Valley organic live

Add granola (I love it with raisins and nuts)

That's it, but the feeling of eating it this way makes you feel 10 times better. Trust.

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