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In these strange and uncertain times I thought it would be nice to do a little round up of my top 3 social media accounts I follow that are sustaining me at the moment. I am getting my news on the current situation from WHO and the UK Government and am refusing to look at any media websites as I want to a) only see news that is true! and b) keep a positive mindset and not descend into panic. So these accounts are pure joyful escapism for when you're a little bit bored of isolation.

Social media accounts to distract you:

Butter & Bodoni

Follow confectioner extraordinaire Lauren Rand of Butter & Bodoni on Instagram and watch her work on some personal projects on her stories. She has already made Lemons and little tiny flowers from sugar and they are really fascinating and beautiful videos. You also get to see just how much work and skill goes into making the fabulously ornate wedding cakes she creates, and I’m totally hooked. I did an interview with Lauren a few weeks ago and you can also read that here to learn more about her and what she does!

Julia Rose

This Instagram account is ASMR for handbag lovers. Julia Rose is in Boston and she sells luxury handbags from houses including Chanel, Celine and Hermes via her account. Her Instagram Stories are full of videos of her unboxing and unwrapping the bags and showcasing them for buyers, and the rustle of the tissue paper and the reveal of the bag has become SUCH a guilty pleasure. It’s also a great account to follow if you’re in the market for a high-end luxury bag as her prices are very competitive and she gets some rare finds. There was a Chanel bag on there the other day I had to fight very hard not to buy and drain my savings. Definitely watch with sound. You need the tissue paper rustling in your life. And then you’ll see what I mean when I say ASMR for handbag lovers. There is also the occasional appearance of a scarf or wallet and I also saw a stunning Balmain jacket appear once.

Julia often gets her hands on 'unicorn bags' a term for pieces that sell out and become mythical collectors items, like this pearl Chanel. If you want to own something like this, give her a follow, or just drool from a distance like I do.

Juniper, Elmwood & Fig the foxes!

For animal lovers like me! This account follows the antics of 3 rescue foxes (bred for fur and rescued so unsuitable for being released into the wild) and their rather eventful lives in their specially adapted home in Florida. They are looked after by Jessica, an expert in exotics and she documents the goings on of the foxes as well as a possum called Mushroom, several reptiles and her dog, Moose. All of her animals are rescues that she is specially qualified to care for and you learn alot from her account as well as get to see some seriously cute and interesting animals. Jessica challenges misconceptions about certain species and educates, and I am a huge fan.

This is Juniper. How could anyone resist? But as you'll learn from Jessica's account, foxes are not dream living companions and you need to be specially trained and licensed.

If you have any other accounts you think I should follow, please let me know!

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