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Stylish cat accessories

This post has been requested by several readers - how to find stylish cat furniture and accessories! I recently posted a couple of photos on Instagram of my cat playing with furniture and toys that I have and had a lot of comments exclaiming that it looked so good and where on earth did I find it. So, cat owners in search of stylish cat accessories, this post is for you!

I bought my flat in July 2015 and in October that year adopted Ginger Rogers from Cats Protection.

I soon set about finding toys and things for her to scratch that wasn't my new sofa, and was dismayed to find that most things were...shall we say...not up to my usual style needs. I was stumped as I wanted her to live in an enriched environment but I'd also just bought my first home and was having the time of my life decorating it. And an enormous synthetic fluffy cat tree was not in keeping with my desired aesthetic.

Over the last 5 years I have therefore made it my mission to find attractive cat furniture. I thought this must exist? There surely must be other people in the world who want stylish cat furniture and aesthetically pleasing cat accessories that won't jar with their decor and will actually look good? Surely? I am pleased to say I found some. A lot of it was more expensive, including one AMAZING luxury scratch post that was a huge model of a bulldog. It was so awesome. But it was also £300 and I felt that was a step too far given that my cat would claw it to bits. Thankfully there are also other things from a variety of brands that is of better value and doesn't make me wince when I look at it.

So here is my edit and some useful links to websites and brands that I know will be a balm for your eyes, tired from all the horrible furry monstrosities out there. I own most of these things, or they are on my list to buy.

Stylish cat accessories

First up is this activity box which has been a real winner. It comes with some toys in it but you can swap them regularly and add others to keep it fun and different. Ginger loves poking her paws through the holes trying to get the mouse and ball out. It's also very cheap! I got mine from Clas Ohlson but they are currently not selling them due to Coronavirus as having swapped their distribution to Amazon so I've linked to a similar box.

The next brand I really love is Rosewood. They make these cool sculptural scratch posts like this one that looks a bit like a beige snowman and Ginger adores it. It has a detachable toy on a string that you can put on the top or take it out and use it separately.

There's also a smaller one that is just one ball and you can get that one from Argos (affiliate link).

Lords & Labradors is a website that sells several brands and their stuff is all stunning. They do stylish cat furniture, cat toys and other cat accessories and I love all of it. Here are my favourites:

I love this little catnip mouse with a feather tail, plus it is refillable so you can keep the contents fresh!

Stylish cat bowls

I would eat from this stylish cat bowl? How beautiful?? Another hit. Here is the matching water bowl.

You can visit Lords & Labradors here.

Stylish cat trees

Vesper is the other main brand I want to mention, they make beautiful, sleek and stylish cat trees. The dream! Your nightmares of awful fluffy aliens in your home are over. They come in a selection of wood finishes so you can match it to your other furniture and it just looks really high end and designer, whilst not being miles more expensive than the usual suspects.

This is the small box that I have, here shown in white but I got the walnut.

And this is a taller cat tree style, if you wanted something a bit bigger. Not a piece of synthetic fluff in sight!

You can see Vesper's full range here.

This toy is ridiculously expensive and from a website called Tuft + Paw. But how beautiful is it?? I think it's so fun.

Tuft + Paw have some truly beautiful things, but be warned it isn't cheap.

Another eye wateringly expensive item is this Modular Cat Tree from from KATRIS. You can configure it in any way you want and make a range of shapes and functions from it, including a cat climber or scratcher. It's a lot of money but very sturdy and well made which means it will last. It's also available in a few different finishes.

Stylish cat beds and baskets

Back to better value, here is a really pretty double tired Woven seagrass cat bed from Me & My Pets that I really like and that I'll probably get if I ever adopt another cat (eeek, quite possible). My only worry is that Ginger would destroy it with her claws like she destroyed my beautiful woven Lombok laundry basket I used to have. RIP.

And finally, this beautiful chunky knitted wool cat bed I found on Etsy. It seems expensive, but because of the insulation of 100% natural wool fibers, your cat will feel cool on a hot day and warm on a cool day. Natural wool is also hypoallergenic, so it prevents dust mites and does not cause sweating. And they look so cute curled up in it.

I hope this edit has been helpful and given you some options for new bits can buy that make your home look better rather than worse!

If you have any other top tips I'd love to hear them, let me know in the comments.