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I’m often asked how I got to do my job. As I’ve said, I’m lucky enough to have worked at the very glittery end of the event world with a lot of glam events and sparkly people. Fancy flowers, star performers, paparazzi outside the door. This still means you have to do the hard slog and also means you will likely get dealt a hand of divas but it’s certainly a fun ride. I was pondering my mindset though and came up with these fun definitions, if you are in this field too I am sure it might sound familiar!

Event planner moods - the definition


Months/weeks previous: multiple plate juggling, relationship managing, constant bargaining and problem solving, working towards an end goal that feels both like an impending dread and excitement. If there is a committee involved you can also feel a bit like a kindergarten school teacher.

The Day Before: Highly strung, existing on caffeine. So much information running through your head that you seem to be on a different plane to those around you.

The Day: ‘Business Head’ is on. Operating at such a high level of functionality that one emits a cold air of serenity and time seems to both run at half speed and tumble away from you like an avalanche simultaneously.

The Day After: Can be likened to shock. Tired and wired at the same time. Its a struggle to comprehend the fact it’s all over and adjust to life A.E (after event).

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