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I’m obsessed with cocktail sausages as a canape option (or just on their own in front of the TV). I have been to a lot of events, both as organiser and guest and I can tell you that out of all the canapes in all the world, none elicit a response quite like the cocktail sausage. You can laugh, but it’s true. I witnessed a waiter get mobbed as he came out of the kitchen with a tray loaded with honey and mustard glazed porkies at the British Museum at an exhibition launch one time. I was a guest at that event and I was in the mob, but I feel no shame. The waiter survived.

The cocktail sausage might seem like a lowly option, but I have seen world famous billionaires go mad for them at events. I try and serve them whenever there is a canape reception because, simply, they make people happy.

Here are 3 of my favourite recipes for use at home when cooking yourself.

Start with a good quality sausage, everywhere sells them but these ones from Dukes Hill are really tasty and very high welfare.

The first recipe is your classic honey and mustard, so simple and quick to make, hardly any ingredients and tastes divine. Easy.

Then next we have a Nigella Lawson number, a slight variation on the theme and uses soy and sesame with the honey instead. Gloriously sticky and with the slight Asian flavoursome kick to it.

Then this last recipe is a bit of a wild card, and more complex to make but really tasty. You need a slow cooker to make the jerk-seasoned pineapple glaze and it takes a lot longer to create but well worth the wait! You can also up the spice factor with hot sauce to make them as fiery as you like.


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