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Hi there. Welcome to my first post! I’m Rosanna and I decided to write this blog to impart some knowledge that I hope will be useful and entertaining, or at the very least pass some time during a coffee break. I am going to talk about what I know, which is events, style and living well. 

For the last decade I’ve been working in London in the wonderful world of events and more recently celebrity liaison. I’ve been lucky enough to work at the glittery end of the field, with amazing people, waking up to press coverage and incredible memories. 

So I have many, many tales that are sometimes hilarious, sometimes horrifying and sometimes heartwarming and as such, always with something to learn. Something to take away. Something to put a pin in and revisit next time. So I decided to share them. Working in this field is stressful and we need all the help we can get, and I feel I can be helpful. I love creating beautiful things, be it an event, an outfit or an interior. And I want to do all of these things without having a nervous breakdown. And hopefully I can help you to do the same?

I won’t always name names, partly as it would be indiscreet but also because the real value here (in my opinion) are the learnings from all these situations. And I’ll be doing a round up at the end of each story of the ‘take aways’. They might occasionally be silly and/or obvious. They might change your life (unlikely but you never know). 

I’ve had a great time. So here goes.

Here are some future blog topics to whet your appetite and get you to come back, or even better, subscribe! 

  • The time the baboons got in the way

  • The time the royals wanted dinner

  • The time with the flood 

  • The time I had to close a road

  • The time I had to remove unattractive people from a room

These things all happened. No fake news. So another reason why I won’t mention names is so I don’t get sued. I may or may not delete this paragraph for legal reasons at a later date. 

A lot of you will read this blog and already be working in events and some might be just starting out or considering it as a career. Or not involved in this field at all and reading for comedy value. I'll also be doings some posts with practical advice based on all of my experience. I'll have some guest posts too from some informed contributors, and I'm excited to see where this goes. I’d love to hear from you and your thoughts, so get in touch. 


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This is me, drinking some bubbly at the Royal Opera House in London

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