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This is an outfit I recently got to wear at a super fancy event at the end of this month, where I am working but the guestlist is such that I need to look stylish and good and not just be functional. Plus, dressing well makes me feel my best and in a stressful environment it helps me feel on top of things if I feel confident in what I am wearing. It's like how cleaning your house can make you feel more in control of your life? Similar feeling. But with shoes.

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I don't know about you but wearing a smart and chic pair of tailored trousers is preferably for me when working, skirts and dresses look lovely but can be impractical if having to climb up ladders or on top of tables (it's been known to happen). Plus, too much of a pencil fit restricts you from running around and too floaty can leave you red faced after a Marilyn Monroe moment in a gust of wind.

On top I don't like to layer as I get hot. I am one of those people who overheats so something light and comfortable is perfect, like a shirt but a detailed one. A fancy one. This high necked victoriana style shirt from Topshop has the most amazing detailing on the sleeve and bodice. It's double lined on the front panel but then sheer on the sleeves and back. I think the high neck makes it demure enough for work despite this, but you could wear it with a vest under it if you wanted more coverage. I wear it tucked in to high waisted trousers or a leather mini. Looks amazing with a deep red lipstick as well and some winged eyeliner if you want to go uber-glam.

These River Island cigarette trousers are so chic and I am so glad I got them. They hang really nicely and are a great length with heels or flats and look really slick. And they are very comfortable, and machine washable in case you get wine or food spilled all over you throughout the course of the evening.

Then I was on the hunt for a nice pair of low black heels anyway that are (I HATE THIS WORD) sensible but still stylish and give me a little lift as I am only 5'4" and like a heel. But my days of running around in 5 inch heels are over so just a kitten for me now if I am working. These Zara kitten heel mules are so cool with the gold buckle detail and I can't wait to wear them.

If you're like me you will have a wadge of schedules, guestlists and speech notes folded up to carry around with you and at least 2 phones. Sticking it all in a bag makes you look more polished and also stops you from dropping it all on the floor behind you as you run off to warn the chef about an unannounced nut allergy. Whistles do great clutch bags and I have this in electric blue and now tempted by it in black

And finally, to finish the look I love a chunky gold necklace. This one is from my fave Zara and I wear it all the time. With this look I put it over the top of the shirt nestled at the base of the funnel neck and it looks really good. Also great with a chunky knitted round neck jumper.

So here we have it, this is what I'm wearing. Maybe if I get a decent pic of myself wearing this that isn't right at the end of the night as I'm flopped in a heap in the corner with a glass of wine, I'll add it in. Here's hoping.

What do you normally wear if you're working an event? All in black or do you change it up with some colour? I once had a mishap with flash photography and a top that was alot more see through than I thought it was...maybe I'll tell that tale sometime. Thank god for photoshop is all I can say.

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