• rosanna

Travel Diaries: Wild English Bluebell forests

If you go wandering in the English woodland in April or May, you will likely stumble across the most beautiful sight. Vast stretches of wild bluebell forests carpeting the ground as far as the eye can see. They create a stunning otherworldly feel to the landscape and from afar just seem to emit a purple glow. I was in Chantry Woods in Surrey when I found this wild bluebell forest and I was certainly not disappointed!

The wild English Bluebell is recognizable by having just one line of flowers per stem that droop to one side in a lovely arc, as opposed to the more common Spanish Bluebell which stand upright and have several flowers all around each stem.

They are almost made even more beautiful because the trees are still relatively bare from winter, meaning that this riot of colour completely grabs all of your attention.

If you're in the area, do try and see them. You can park at Chantries Car Park and walk around 25 minutes through the woods to find them, shown on the map below. Or, Tripsavvy has made a handy round-up of 10 places you can see them all around the UK which you can read here.

Whilst you're there, be very careful not to tread on them as once they have been trampled they will not grow back and no one will get to enjoy them next year. So stick to the pathways, and remember that bluebells are also a protected species under British law, so picking them is a criminal offence.