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Wild swimming at Frensham Pond in Surrey

We have been having some warm weather here in the UK over the past few weeks and in the absence of having a swimming pool in the back garden, I went in search of somewhere in Surrey to go wild swimming!

I've always been a bit frightened of wild swimming as I am NOT a fan of murky water with mysterious objects that might touch your legs and make you scream. However, Frensham Pond has lovely clear water and a sandy bottom so you can see exactly what you're in for and I think it is the best wild swimming location for beginners or first-timers. The swimming area at Frensham Pond in Surrey is quite small, but it also has a large sandy beach to lie on afterwards and have a picnic, so really it is a glorious day out.

Rosanna Stevens wild swimming at Frensham Pond in Surrey

I thought I'd put together an FAQ on Frensham Pond so that if you wanted to go wild swimming there too, you have all the information you need.

How to get to Frensham Pond

Frensham Pond is in Surrey between Hindhead and Farnham and it is best to drive there although the number 19 bus from Farnham Station does make a stop nearby. The best postcode to use for Frensham Ponds is GU10 2QB.

What is the water like at Frensham Pond?

The water at Frensham Pond is quite shallow in the swimming area, with a sandy bottom. You can walk pretty far out and there isn't a lot of weeds, algae or stones. For a beginner wild swimmer, it is a good option!

Is there a beach at Frensham Pond?

Yes, there is a sandy beach at Frensham Pond! And here's a top tip, when you first get there you will only see one beach and wild swimming area but if you keep walking all the way past it you will find another beach behind it that is usually less busy as people don't realise it's there.

The sandy beach at Frensham Pond

Is there parking at Frensham Pond?

There is a large car park at Frensham Pond although at peak times (like hot sunny days on weekends or during school holidays) it gets very busy and can be full by mid-morning so it is recommended to arrive early. Parking at Frensham Pond can only be paid for via the parking app Ringo so it is best to download it in advance.

Can I bring my dog to Frensham Pond?

Dogs are not allowed on the beach at Frensham Pond, or in the water. There are a few very friendly resident ducks if you are missing animal company!

Can I have a BBQ at Frensham Pond?

BBQ's are not allowed at Frensham Pond but there is a small cafe that serves hot food, ice creams and drinks, and I must say their chips were excellent. The perfect amount of crunch on the outside and light fluffy potato inside.

Chips from the cafe at Frensham Pond in Surrey

What other facilities are there at Frensham Pond?

In addition to the cafe, there are toilets at Frensham Pond too. There is also a little sailing club on the opposite side of the pond which looks like a lovely activity to try some other time.

I loved visiting Frensham Pond and have definitely caught the wild swimming bug. You just feel so free and at one with nature. Let me know if you visit too and check out my other blog posts for inspiration on what to do in your free time.