So you have an event to plan!

Now what?

In this blog post I discuss the 3 most important documents you need to get started which are your budget, your guestlist and finally, your schedule. The schedule is your handbook, it keeps you on track with everything and is an essential tool to save you time and stress! This is what any event planner will put together and it honestly helps so much, it is the first thing I will create and the one document I can't do without. I run two versions and I'm not exaggerating when I say how useful they are to the success of the whole thing as well as your stress levels. 


First, the critical pathway. This schedule charts the months leading up to event day and lists every single task that needs to be done, from finding a venue and agreeing the budget to booking a photographer and deciding your band's set list.


By creating and using a critical pathway, you'll never have to worry about things falling through the gaps as you'll have every aspect of planning laid out in front of you. You'll feel in control and will know in advance where your pinch points are, and where you'll need help.

Then next is your 'on the day' schedule. This is your document that you or your event planner follows as the actual event day progresses, from the load in and build to pouring champagne as your first guest arrives, to the weary load out once everyone has staggered out. An hour by hour run down of what is happening and when, and who is responsible so all involved are crystal clear what they need to do.

Both of these documents will save you a huge amount of time and stress, and make planning your event so much easier whether it is a wedding, birthday or charity fundraising gala.

Trust me when I tell you they are a life saver and I have created a template of each one, available here to download for free.  


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