A calculator to find out how many bottles of wine or champagne you need to buy

Buying the booze for any event can be a bit daunting. Buy too little, and you can clear the room as people stagger off in search of another tipple and your event flops.


Buy too much and you wind up with an office/living room full of boxes and an angry client/budget holder whose money you wasted.


And if you're the budget holder (like if it's your wedding for example...) it's mighty annoying to know you spent all that money needlessly. And have to drink the same pinot noir for the next 4 months. 


Working out the number of bottles you need to buy is hard and can tie you in a knot so I have created a handy little tool to calculate how much wine you'll need to buy, based on how many glasses per person. So think in terms of a reception where people would generally consume 2 glasses per hour, then you have dinner, plus any toasts etc etc etc. Add that up, then pop it in the form below along with the number of guests and my calculator will work it all out for you.


Working out the red/white split is then another hurdle, and will depend on what food you serve and if your demographic is mainly male, female or split. If your serving red meat or big heavy flavours, you might want to lean towards more bottles of red. If serving fish and light, summery dishes, perhaps lean towards more white. You can always ask your wine supplier for guidance here.

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